B l i s s A u t o m a t i o n

A comprehensive breakdown of ALTA’s Bliss Automation

With Bliss Automation you can seamlessly control all your window coverings using

-Remote control

There are several options to choose from that are compatible with this automation

-Roller shades
-Natural Woven Shades
-Dual Shades
-Window Shadings
-Wood/Faux Blinds
-Honeycomb Shades

Choosing the control system that is convenient for you is made simple with these options

-Remote Control
-Wall Switch
-Bliss Application
-Voice Command

If choosing the Bliss Application there are several features including

-Scenes and timers setting
-Control at home or away
-Supports Voice control platforms
-Room by room customization
-Real time shade and battery status

And lastly, there are a couple ways for charging

-A rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up tp 500 cycles on one charge
-Power of the sun to charge blinds and shades