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Faux Wood Shutters Bring Great Looks and Convenience at A Nice Price

In our opinion, faux wood – aka composite wood – has a bad reputation.  This is at least in part because faux wood from the last century, especially the mid century period, did somewhat look tacky compared to its real counterpart.  However, modern faux wood is much nicer-looking and offers a convenient long-lasting alternative to traditional wood. […]

Five Big Benefits of Using Interior Window Shutters

Homeowners have plenty of choices in how they dress up their windows, but for some reason, window shutters are often overlooked.  We think that’s a shame since traditional interior window shutters are an affordable, beautiful, and effective way to manage light and heat levels within a room. Curtains and blinds get all the attention, but […]

How To Cover Sliding Glass & Patio Doors

One common problem homeowners come across is what to do with patio doors. Sliding glass and patio doors provide tons of natural light but they don’t add much privacy or temperature control. Thankfully, there are several different options for covering patio doors, while still creating a beautiful, stylish look for your home. Options for Covering Patio […]

Exterior Patio Shades Can Solve Many Outdoor Problems

I love spending time outside with friends and family, enjoying the beautiful Denver weather and views. Yet, there are many issues that arise when trying to spend some relaxing time outside. Now, exterior patio shades have solved many of those problems. Exterior Patio Shades: Common Problems Resolved…. 1: Bugs! Who doesn’t love being able to eat outside? But […]

Why Tableaux Faux Iron Accents Are Perfect For Any Home!

Looking to add some WOW factors to your Denver home?  Wanting your home to stand out in a cookie cutter neighborhood? Tableaux Faux Iron Accents are a creative and personalized way to add unique decorative elements to any home. Why Tableaux Faux Iron Accents? There are a number of reasons why we recommend Tableaux for our clients homes.  Tableaux is a great alternative to traditional iron products […]