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Made in the Shade’s custom plantation shutters are wonderful – they provide a feeling of nostalgia and warmth to every room. Many decorators believe that shutters are the most complete and superior solution to your window treatment needs. In a very real way, shutters become a major part of the room décor. Keep in mind that buyers like shutters too, which can help when selling your Centennial home.

Made in the Shade shutters are available in a variety of options: real wood, faux wood, and composite, with louver sizes of 2½” for a traditional look, 4½” for the very modern look, or right in the middle at 3½” for a contemporary look. With these nine potential combinations you can fashion the idyllic balance of form and function for your Centennial home.





Sheer Shades

Homeowners are sometimes faced with choosing between style and practicality. With Made in the Shade’s sheer shades, you get both! The stylish fabric vanes will impress visitors while allowing for variable light control and protection your room and furniture from too much damaging sunlight. Further, you might be surprised to learn that “one sheer does not fit all.” There are many varieties of sheer shades, ranging from sophisticated to elegant.

Not only do you get form and function with sheer shades, they are a combination of three great products: blinds, roller shades, and classic sheers. It is no wonder that sheers are quickly gaining popularity in Centennial.

Vertical Sheer Shades

If you are unsure what to do about that large window or patio door, consider Made in the Shade’s vertical sheers. When open, our vertical sheers stack neatly to the side, out of the way and leave your view totally unobstructed. When closed, they provide privacy during the day (you can see out, but outsiders cannot see in) and protection for harmful UV sunlight. The 180-degree rotating vanes allow you to determine the optimal amount of sunlight to be diffused throughout your room resulting in a warm, inviting ambiance. Vertical sheers are made of hardy fabric and are available in a variety of styles.

Layered (zebra) Shades

Layered shades make a beautiful fashion statement and still preserve the functionality you need. These striking shades are a combination of traditional horizontal blinds and fabric shades with no seams or interior cords to detract from their appeal. Since layered shades are alternating sheer stripes and bands of color on a roller shade, they provide a “zebra” effect. When fully open, they are completely hidden behind a fabric-wrapped cassette valance. Layered shades not only protect your flooring and furniture from sunlight, but they ideally complement your style. Layered shades underscore your unique tastes and modern style. Your great-grandmother might not approve, but be bold—be you.


Are we in Rome or are we in Centennial? Your visitors might get confused when they find themselves enveloped in the splendor of Roman shades inside your well-appointed home. This window treatment provides the practicality of shades and the elegance of draperies. Roman shades are fabric slats that neatly fold up horizontally when drawn. Optional styles include relaxed folds, cascading folds, teardrop shades, and designer flat. Additionally, choose from a wide variety from light, soft silks to dark, designer jacquards. Creatively deploy your colors and textures within your own style of Roman shade to perfectly accent any room, effectively welcoming a new empire to Centennial.

Cellular Shades

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a shade that was flexible enough for arches and specialty windows, washable, energy efficient and of course, attractive? That’s the dream, right? Well, good news: cellular shades do all of that. The unique pleated honeycomb structure of cellular shades is energy efficient, washable, and flexible. Also, the neutral fabric on the reverse side provides a consistent look from the outside for curb appeal. Cellular shades are available in a variety of cell sizes, colors, and textures. Also, they are available from sheer to total darkness. Easily raise and lower the shade with a pull-cord, cordless, or motorized option.

Roller/Solar/Exterior Patio Shades

For extra large windows or sliding doors, a roller shade works very well. First, it rolls up completely for unobstructed viewing when open. In fact, when you add a matching cassette valence, the roller mechanism is completely hidden. When the shade is down, you will enjoy the sharp, clean look that can seamlessly accent any décor. Our diverse selection of colors, fabrics, and textures allows you to select the perfect solution.

To block heat and diffuse glare, solar shades are best. Also, solar shades block damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, solar shades are corrosion-resistant, mildew-resistant, and flame-retardant. They are an ideal choice for south- and or west-facing windows. Consider solar shades for your outdoor patio settings, also!





Wood Blinds

Wood blinds, traditional and dignified, are popular with Centennial decorators for their tranquil and peaceful effect. Wood blinds can mimic the look of shutters at a much lower cost. Available in a variety of natural stains, paint colors, and finishes. Additionally, just in case you need it, Made in the Shade can custom match paint and stain finishes to existing furnishings. Slat widths range from 1 inch to 2½ inches. You will love the warm, natural look that wood blinds provide. You can’t go wrong with wood blinds!

Faux Wood Blinds

The advantages of faux wood blinds – compared with wood blinds – include added durability, lower maintenance, and more color options. Our faux wood blinds are made from a robust polymer and are treated with a UV stabilizer to prevent yellowing and fading. Faux wood blinds are available in a variety of paint and wood-grain finishes and can be a beautiful addition to a room’s accent and décor. Because they are made from a synthetic material, faux wood blinds are ideal for high-moisture areas because they resist the ravages of nature and time (i.e., warping, peeling, splitting).

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