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Custom Window Treatments – Shades

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  • Pleated Shades

  • Roman Shades

  • Sheer Shades

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  • Natural Shades

  • Exterior Patio Shades

Window Shades in Denver, CO.

Made in the Shade Blinds and More is your premiere destination for custom high-quality window shades in Denver. We offer nine beautiful styles to choose from, but the customization and decorating doesn’t stop there! With any of these nine styles you can choose your own color, material, and pattern. Find the perfect window shading to complement your room or décor. Our large selection is very impressive, and you will not be disappointed.

The window shades we offer throughout Denver are:

Roller Shades
These shades are the most popular choice because they are easy to use. Their smooth rolling action prevents jams. They open and close gently and give you the exact amount of light control you desire.

Solar Shades
These shades are like sunglasses for your windows, they offer privacy and provide a gentle covering to shield harsh lights.

Cellular Shades
Because the honeycomb shape traps air inside, these window shades are the best option for those who want to save money by regulating the temperature of their room.

Pleated Shades
For those who are interested in something a little more exquisite, pleated shades are for you. They come in many designer options and feature premium fabrics.

Roman Shades
These shades are simple, bold, and sure to make a statement.

Sheer Shades
These shades let an excellent amount of light pass through, and their subtle look provides elegance to any room.

Layered Shades
Available in a variety of colors, our layered shades provide a sleek, modern look.

Natural Shades
Also known as woven wood shades, the combination of fine wood and bamboo gives each room a warm, natural look.

Exterior Patio Shades
This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice view but avoid harsh sunlight.