Why We Usually Recommend Composite Wood Shutters Rather Than Real Wood

Real wood is always best when you’re decorating a home… right?  Well, not necessarily.  In fact, when it comes to shutters, we almost always recommend composite wood shutters, rather than real wood.  There are a few cases where genuine wood is better, but on the whole, composites bring a lot of advantages with very few downsides.

Why Composite Wood Shutters Are Usually the Better Options

  1. Cost 

Genuine wood is expensive, particularly when you’re talking about hardwoods that take decades or centuries to grow.  Because composite wood is created, essentially, out of wood scraps, that makes it far more affordable for the average home decorator.

  1. Eco-friendliness

While there absolutely are ways to farm wood sustainably, those techniques are not always used in the real world.  Even then, if you cut down a tree that took a century to grow, it will necessarily be another century before its replacement grows in.  Composite wood generally has recycled wood as a key component, making it more eco-friendly.

  1. Durability

For many homeowners, this is the key deciding factor.  Real wood will age over time, and that means it’s likely to warp, swell, crack, peel, chip, or discolor.  It will look nice at first, but those looks will fade.  On the other hand, composite wood is far more durable and long-lasting.  Composite wood shutters will last for years, even decades, with only minimal aging effects.

  1. Convenience

Many people don’t realize just how heavy solid wood shutters can be.  They take genuine effort to move, and usually require beefier shuttering mechanisms.  In the case of especially large windows, solid wood shutters might even cause damage or warping to the frame!  Composite shutters are much easier to open and close and are lightweight enough that they are highly unlikely to damage the frame.

  1. Looks

The difference between composite and real wood isn’t as large as you might think, especially when they’re painted.  Side-by-side painted composite vs real wood is almost indistinguishable.

Basically, the only time we recommend real wood shutters is if the customer is deliberately going for a rustic look, and they want unpainted shutters that really show off the grain of the natural wood.  For all other cases, we recommend composite wood shutters without hesitation.


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