Why Should You Consider Cordless Cellular Shades in Your Home?

There are plenty of different options out there for shading your windows, and it’s hard to say that there’s a “best” option.  However, cordless cellular shades make a big argument for being the go-to solution.  They bring a lot of benefits, and very few drawbacks and they’re one of the products we’re most likely to suggest unless a customer specifically wants another option.

What Are Cordless Cellular Shades?

Imagine typical pleated “accordion” shades.  Now imagine connecting two sets of these shades back-to-back, so that each pleat turns into a diamond-shaped cell.  They still expand and collapse in an “accordion” fashion, but when expanded, the surface area is comprised of a series of connected cells.  They look a bit like a honeycomb when viewed from the side.

That’s the basics of how cellular shades work.  This unusual design actually brings a lot of big benefits.

  1. Superior insulation

Each of those air-filled interior cells acts as a trap for hot or cold air, preventing it from reaching the interior of your room.  Cellular shades keep you warmer on cold days, and colder on hot days, while usually reducing your air conditioning costs in the process.

  1. Better light control

Because cellular shades have multiple layers, they’re much better at keeping light contained than traditional shades, or curtains.  This makes them especially well-suited for bedrooms and entertainment rooms where keeping light out is important!

  1. No exposed strings or holes

“Cordless” cellular shades aren’t truly cordless, but the string used to collapse them is hidden within the shade construction and controlled mechanically.  This makes them harder to tangle up, and less likely to be damaged by curious pets or children.

  1. Multiple shapes available

Unlike traditional shades, cellular shades can be cut to fit a variety of window shapes, such as arched windows.  That makes them very flexible in terms of where and how you use them!

  1. Easy maintenance

Cellular shades are made of a strong long-lasting polyester fabric which is treated to resist stains and static electricity, along with finished edges that won’t fray.  Usually, the only maintenance needed is some light dusting every now and then.  If the fabric does manage to become dirty, it can usually be cleaned with soapy water and a washrag.

  1. Plenty of colors

You can get cellular shades in any color you’d like, allowing you to match your interior or improve your curb appeal by making your windows look nicer from the outside.  They are much nicer looking than traditional shades!

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