Exterior Patio Shades Can Solve Many Outdoor Problems

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I love spending time outside with friends and family, enjoying the beautiful Denver weather and views. Yet, there are many issues that arise when trying to spend some relaxing time outside. Now, exterior patio shades have solved many of those problems.

Exterior Patio Shades: Common Problems Resolved….

1: Bugs!

Who doesn’t love being able to eat outside? But who enjoys swatting away flies or going to take a drink only to find a gnat floating in your cup?

Solution: Retractable insect screens from Insolroll are sealed on 4 sides with a zipper track to help keep those pesky bugs out.  Now you can enjoy your gourmet dinners bug free!

Retractanble outdoor patio bug screen

Insolroll Bug Screen

2: Glare and Heat

Being at higher altitudes, we all know how much more intense the sun can be. It is hard on our eyes, our furniture and can make our outdoor spaces uncomfortably hot. These issues can make it difficult to enjoy being outdoors during those peak sun times.

Solution: Exterior patio shades will block UV damage, glare and heat. You can control the percentage of UV blocked depending on the openness of the material. The most popular openness is 3%, which blocks 97% of UV rays. On average, exterior patio shades can decrease the temperature by at least 10 degrees in direct sunlight. Now you can enjoy time outside without the blinding glare and oppressive heat while even maintaining your outdoor furniture!

Insolroll outdoor motorized patio shades

3: Maintaining Views

No one wants to lose their views, whether it is of the majestic Rocky Mountains or the stunning downtown Denver skyline. Yet, how do you maintain these while still blocking sun, glare and heat?

Solution: While our exterior patio shades are blocking out UV rays, you aren’t losing those beautiful views. Our shades come with a variety of openness, color and control options allowing you to maintain your view, while staying stylish and convenient.

Insolroll Exterior Patio Shades



4: Operating Your New Patio Shades

Let’s face it, exterior patio shades can be expansive or there could be multiple sets. Having to manually open and close them could be a chore when all you want to do is relax.

Solution:  In addition to cord loop or crank operation, motorization allows you to operate your shade with the simple touch of a button. If you have multiple shades, one remote can be programmed to operate them all taking the hassle out of raising and lowering your shades. Check out the beautiful motorized solar shades we recently installed for some clients!



5: Wind & Golf Balls

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use your patio on windy days, without having everything blow away? Live on a golf course? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about those stray golf balls headed straight for your house?

Solution: Insolroll ShyZip can help reduce the wind to make your outdoor space more enjoyable, although exterior shades are not recommended to be used in extremely high winds. It uses a side track with zipper to seal up edges and keep the material tight.  ShyZip also has the ability to block golf balls! No more worries of stray golf balls coming through your window or landing on your patio while you’re trying to enjoy the your outdoor space.



Now you can see the multiple problems that exterior patio shades can solve. These solutions will allow your family endless use of your outdoor space, making it more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact us today!



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