How to Choose Blinds

The world of window coverings offers a myriad of choices. There are so many different styles, textures, functions, and looks that your head might spin. If you have a space that’s new to you, or getting a facelift, and you need blinds in Castle Rock for windows, here’s what you should know about the options available to you on the market. 

Consider the size of the window for blinds

The first thing you’ll want to consider before shopping for blinds is the size of the windows you’re looking to cover. Certain style blinds only work for certain size windows. Very large, floor to ceiling windows might call for a vertical blind treatment while smaller windows might require a simple fabric blind for the space. You’ll also need to note and consider how the window functions. Are they double or single hung, sliding windows, or even casement or awning windows.   

Consider the purpose of the blinds

Next you’ll want to give some thought to the purpose of the blinds you’ll be purchasing. Do you want light blocking and absolute privacy? Or are you more concerned with the styled look of a finished window? Or, are your goals something in between. The answer to questions like this will have a big impact on the blinds you ultimately choose.

The different options for window coverings

Blinds are a favorite for window coverings because of their relative affordability and ability to look great in any space. There are many options like mini blinds with their narrow louvers and affordability. You might opt for fabric blinds instead, or hardwood blinds to add warmth to a room. Ultimately, the window covering you choose is a reflection of your personal style and the end goal for the space.  

Options for blinds

Standard blinds are typically made from metal, vinyl, wood, or bamboo materials. They are a great option for covering your windows if privacy and light control are your main concerns. Some popular styles of blinds include vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, and panel blinds which are often used to cover oversized windows.