Five Big Benefits of Using Interior Window Shutters

Homeowners have plenty of choices in how they dress up their windows, but for some reason, window shutters are often overlooked.  We think that’s a shame since traditional interior window shutters are an affordable, beautiful, and effective way to manage light and heat levels within a room.

Curtains and blinds get all the attention, but we think there are plenty of reasons to consider shutters instead!

5 Reasons Interior Window Shutters Are A Great Addition to Any Home

  1. Timeless style

Blinds can be tacky.  Curtains have to be matched to the overall decor and will eventually go out of style.  Shutters, however, are timeless and can match with any interior.  Since shutters are almost always a single color, they will rarely need any sort of update.

  1. Effective light and thermal management

It’s easy to set your shutters so that they let in the perfect amount of light, and they’re less fiddly than blinds.  Being made of solid material, like wood, they are much more effective at blocking out sunlight than either blinds or curtains.  This also makes them more effective at blocking the heat of sunlight as well, potentially lowering your AC costs!

  1. Improved sound insulation

Another benefit to having shutters made of solid wood is that they add sound insulation, unlike other options.  Fully closed shutters will do a lot to keep your sounds in, and outside sounds out.  If they’re combined with double- or triple-paned glass, you can virtually soundproof your room.

  1. Easy maintenance

Interior window shutters require very little maintenance, nothing more than the occasional dusting or vacuuming to clean them off.  Over the course of many years, they might start to fade from the sunlight, but a simple coat of paint will take care of that.  Plus, they’re much harder to damage than blinds or curtains – and they’ll certainly stand up to more abuse from children or pets!

  1. Better curb appeal

Are you thinking that you’ll sell your home someday?  Shutters make your home look more attractive!  They look great from the outside and can easily attract more buyers to take a look inside.  Shutters may not increase your home’s value by much, but they can significantly increase its sell ability.

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