Faux Wood Shutters Bring Great Looks and Convenience at A Nice Price

In our opinion, faux wood – aka composite wood – has a bad reputation.  This is at least in part because faux wood from the last century, especially the mid century period, did somewhat look tacky compared to its real counterpart.  However, modern faux wood is much nicer-looking and offers a convenient long-lasting alternative to traditional wood.

If you haven’t considered putting faux wood shutters in your home, they bring a lot of advantages over other types of shutters – even real wood!

Faux Wood Shutters Have the Benefits of Wood, Without the Drawbacks

  • Looks

If you put a painted faux wood slat side-by-side with a painted slat made of real wood, you could barely tell them apart.  You have to get within inches to see any noticeable differences.  From even a foot or two away, they’re basically indistinguishable.

Better yet, you can get faux wood shutters in a huge variety of textures and colors – there’s something to match any indoor environment.

  • Price

Faux wood shutters are far less expensive than real wood.  After all, cutting down trees is expensive, and growing replacements is even more expensive – particularly if you’re talking about old hardwoods that take decades to grow.

In the meantime, faux wood is only slightly more expensive than plastic, while looking much nicer.  If you’re doing a major room or home redecoration, faux wood shutters are a great way to cut your costs in a way that very few people will ever notice.

  • Durability

When it comes to long-term durability between faux wood and real wood, there’s no contest.  Real wood is going to be prone to warp, splinter, crack, or fade – particularly in environments where it’s getting a lot of direct sunlight or is in high humidity.  Faux wood simply does not have these problems.  Faux wood shutters can potentially last for decades without any noticeable signs of aging.

So not only does real wood cost far more than faux wood, but it will need to be replaced much more often as well!

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