Discover the Reasons to Buy Automated Window Shades

Automated window shades are quickly becoming one of the more popular options for homeowners across the country. Due to their recent arrival on the market, some people may not have a clear understanding of the benefits these systems can provide. In this new post, we’ll explain a few of the reasons to buy automated window shades for your home.


One of the foremost benefits of automated window shades is the convenience and control they provide. In homes with windows throughout the property, constantly opening and closing the shades can become a hassle. Automated window shades can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button, limiting the amount of time and energy that would previously go into changing each shade manually.

Protect your furniture

Your furniture requires protection from the sunlight to limit color fading and other issues. Choosing automated window shades is the ideal protective measure. This option ensures you can quickly and easily lower the shades during the period when the sun is shining directly on your furniture.

High-level security

Another benefit homeowners get when they buy automated window shades is the additional security aspect they offer. Shades can be programmed to rise and fall at random times, even when you’re not in the home. This means your home will never look empty and give you peace of mind when your away.

Energy savings

Automated shades can also help you save on energy costs throughout the year. In some cases, you can improve the level of heat in your home during the winter by allowing the sun into the property by raising the shades at certain times. During the warmer summer months when you require a cooling effect, you can keep the shades lowered to limit the amount of heat within the home. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs when you buy quality window shades.

Made in the Shade Has You Covered

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