A Quick Guide to Purchasing Window Blinds

Everyone knows that window blinds help keep your home cool and protect your eyes from the sun. Yet you may not have much experience when it comes to purchasing new blinds. It’s important to consult with the professionals before you make any final decisions. Our team at Made in the Shade can help when you are looking to purchase new window blinds.

This latest post explores the buying process and some important considerations you need to know.

Design style a key consideration

Generally, there are two styles to choose from when you purchase window shades and blinds. You can either have a window shade covering that can be raised and placed out of the way, or you can use a slatted product that can be opened and closed while diffusing the light into a space. Make sure you understand the differences, and which will be best suited for your home before making a final decision.

Take light control into consideration

Most homeowners looking to purchase window blinds are doing so to get an upgrade and better light control in their home. If the goal is to block out most of the light in a bedroom, for example, then you require a system designed for maximum light blockage and control. Roller products are not suitable for this type of application, as they often have gaps at the sides that allow light into the room. Oftentimes a honeycomb-style blind is a better option for light control. You might also consider blackout blinds and shades for superior light blocking performance.

Choose opaque fabrics for high levels of privacy

Another key concern for homeowners choosing blinds for their property is privacy. How much light does the product allow in from the outside, and what can those outside the home see? What you may not realize is that the ability to look inside your house might be easier than you think. To block visibility into a home, you might consider blinds made from an opaque material that is specifically designed for its light-blocking performance.

Our team at Made in the Shade offers quality, expertly-manufactured blinds for all your needs. We can help you decide on the ideal style for your property and show you the different options available. Call us today to discuss the latest blinds!